About Us

  • Join Wil and Meeke Addison as they look into the heart of today's most pressing issues through the lens of the Bible. With over fifteen years of broadcast experience, the Addisons are no strangers to igniting meaningful conversations. Culture Proof brings the same engaging and thought-provoking dialogue listeners loved from 'Airing the Addisons' radio program to podcasting.

    As parents homeschooling six children, Wil and Meeke infuse each episode with insights on parenting and discipleship, making every discussion deeply personal and relatable. Their journey isn’t solitary; occasionally, they're joined by like-minded guests who share an unshakable belief in the reliability of Scripture.

    Every episode of Culture Proof is on mission to equip Christians to engage culture with practical tools, found clearly in Scripture. The Addisons seek to increase Christian discernment so that we may rightly resist culturally normative rebellion. Tune in, not only to listen, but to become CULTURE PROOF!