• Ryan & Bethany Bomberger 
    Founders of Radiance Foundation

    "Some people are straight up fire. That’s Wil and Meeke. This power duo knows where their power comes from. Their love for the Lord is evident in every word, every action, and everything they do to illuminate the Jesus who radically transforms anyone and any situation. They use their unwavering faith and the facts to simultaneously tear down false arguments and build up a Christ-centered worldview. Wil and Meeke don’t just talk it out, they walk it out. The Holy Spirit fire that burns in them also burns in their children. God is powerfully using the Addisons to help make us all more Culture Proof!"

  • Dr. Kathy Koch (“cook”) 
    Founder of Celebrate Kids, Inc.

    "Wil and Meeke Addison are the real deal! They discuss critically essential topics in engaging ways so you will want to listen to their podcast and live videos. They weave truth and stories together so listeners understand what to be aware of and how they can culture-proof their families. I never have to question where they’re coming from – they consistently use their Christian worldview and Scripture to analyze culture and to help us know what to do. I’m honored to be a guest because Wil and Meeke are trustworthy and prepared. They treat me and their followers with the utmost respect."

  • Israel Wayne
    Author, Conference Speaker, Founder of
    Family Renewal

    "Wil & Meeke Addison are two of the most dynamic world-changers I know. Their ministry, Culture Proof, is on the front lines of defending Biblical truth and supporting families. Their message is timely, on point, and always delivered with power and conviction. You will be blessed and enriched by partnering with them for any Kingdom work."

  • Dr. Terren Dames
    Senior Pastor at North Dallas Community Bible Fellowship, Plano, TX

    "In every generation there are prophetic voices. They cry out as a voice of conscience within a culture, that emphasizes holiness, the necessity of the word of God and a simplicity of devotion to God. Such voices exemplify character and integrity, with a deep devotion to family and a sincere love of God and His people. Today we hear their voices, they utter wise sayings through social media and various platforms like the “Culture Proof Podcast”. Wil and Meeke Addison are indeed the prophetic voices of today. Calling the people of God to stand firm on the word of God, while encouraging the body of Christ to live unapologetically for Him. As a friend and co-laborer in Christ, I wholeheartedly endorse Wil and Meeke and the “Culture Proof Podcast”. I also encourage everyone to listen and subscribe to their channel and support all that they are doing for the body of Christ. With great appreciation."

  • Ginger Hubbard
    Bestselling author of Don’t Make Me Count to Three and I Can’t Believe You Just Said That. Co-host of the podcast Parenting with Ginger Hubbard

    "Wil and Meeke Addison bring solid biblical perspective to help families discern and navigate today's culture with wisdom, grace and boldness for Christ. Their ministry is a breath of fresh air and inspiration to us all to stand firm on God's Word and exalt Jesus in all things. I absolutely love the kingdom work they are doing!"

  • Garritt Hampton 
    Director of 
    Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution

    "Eph 6:12 ESV

    Thankfully, God gives us the armor to fight, and we don't go into battle alone. Not only does the heavenly host go before us, but we can also lock shields with our fellow soldiers, the saints, and fight with confidence when we put on the full armor of God. I am proud to take up my sword and fight next to the Addisons. They have proven to be faithful soldiers through many seasons of battle, and have consistently lifted the heads of their fellow saints through years of exhortation to "look to the straight edge of scripture" and "resist the cultural trends that rival the truth."

    I can think of few ministries that will better prepare you to stand firm than Culture Proof.

    Eph 6:13 ESV"

  • Yvette Hampton
    Producer and Host of
    Schoolhouse Rocked

    "The world has turned upside down. We live in a time when truth is traded for lies and righteousness has been replaced with the celebration of sin and irreverence for God and His Word. Families are under attack and God's church is in peril like never before. Millions of messages flood into our lives on a daily basis, some good but many bad, and it's hard to know who to trust.

    Over the past few years, I've come to rely on the wisdom and discernment of "Wil the Great" and Meeke Addison and I'm so thankful for the Culture*Proof ministry that the Lord has called them and their family to. They bring consistent encouragement and conviction, while offering hope and truth through the authority of Scripture. I'm confident that the world would be a different place if we had more bold and courageous Christians like the Addisons who were willing to stand firm on truth without wavering."

  • Abraham Hamilton, III 
    Host of
    The Hamilton Corner Podcast

    "God has assigned his disciples one primary command. "Go therefore and make disciples..." The "how-to" of this command is provided for us in Scripture. Deuteronomy 6 includes much of that "how-to." We must first BE disciples who love our God and King with all that we are. Then, we are to teach this comprehensive Christ-centered devotion, typified by complete obedience to all Jesus has commanded, to others thereby MAKING DISCIPLES of them. This disciple-making starts in our own homes and extends outwardly from there. In short, Christ-following necessitates a multi-generational view of Christ-centered faithfulness. Culture Proof encapsulates this Biblical view. Meeke often uses the flight attendant analogy, "secure your mask first" and once your oxygen source is established you pour yourself into securing "oxygen flow" to others with the same urgency you've secured your own mask. If you are looking for the place to help you become a disciple of Jesus Christ and to develop into an effective disciple-maker starting in your home and beyond, you have found it in Culture Proof. You and your family will grow exponentially by following and supporting this ministry."

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