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Wil Addison

Wil Addison is a New Orleans native with over 25 years of ministry service. Wil has served as a missionary and missionary evangelist to America’s colleges and universities. He was a nationally appointed home missionary for six years before helping to plant a church in Lafayette, Louisiana. As associate pastor, Wil’s focus was discipleship and prayer before relocating to Mississippi.

After accepting a position with American Family Association in 2008, Wil served at the ministry for 15 years in various capacities; from Director of Urban Family Communications, and Director of Special Initiatives to Director of the Marriage Family Life Conference – a conference birthed from his heart for discipleship and equipping Christian families.

Today, Wil’s focus is homeschooling his six children and stewarding well Straight Edge Ministries and Culture Proof. He can be heard via podcast on the Culture Proof Podcast with Wil and Meeke. On their podcast, the Addisons observe cultural trends and explore the effects of those trends on the foundation of Biblical morality. Together the couple offers insights on culture, popular trends, and current events that threaten the integrity of the Christian faith and the proliferation of the gospel. With the highest esteem for the local Church, Wil serves as an elder in the fellowship he is helping to plant in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Meeke Addison

Meeke Addison is wife to Wil and mom to their six children. Meeke is a New Orleans native with over 20 years of ministry experience. After serving as a missionary alongside her husband, she worked with the ministry of American Family Radio from 2007-2023. Her work with AFR began in 2007 as a stay-at- home mom in Louisiana, when she accepted an invitation to co-host a local AFR morning show. In 2008, the Addison family of four moved from Louisiana to Mississippi to join the ministry of AFA full-time until 2023.

Meeke is a conference speaker, women’s teacher, and author. As a pro-family activist, she keeps a close eye on politics, pop culture, and the Church. Meeke focuses on equipping everyday Christians to effectively engage and transform culture. Her mission is calling Christians to make sound connections between cultural/political activism and Biblical conviction.

Meeke co-hosts the Culture Proof Podcast alongside her husband, Wil. Of all the roles Meeke fills, the most important are wife to Wil and mother and chief educator of their six children. The kitchen table must be big enough to handle daily life and robust discipleship!