Speaking Topics

Grow the Resistance

This presentation is a practical how-to for discipling children to remain unstained by the world.

For His Glory Alone

When we tell our kids to live for the glory of God, we cannot assume they understand what this means. In this presentation, Meeke walks through a practical means by which we may teach our children how to live so that God may go public through them.

What is Truth?

Wil and Meeke present the question that Jesus answered. Does Jesus’ answer work for us living in 21st Century America? In what ways are the questions we ask today simply a repackaging of Pilate’s old question, what is truth?

Point Guard Parenting

How do we set our families up to succeed? In the presentation, Wil talks directly to fathers about the importance of their roles. The success of the family does not depend on charisma. See intentional parenting in a way you’ve never seen it before.

Truth Whatever the Cost

Are our kids prepared to surrender all? In this presentation, Meeke surveys Church history to reveal the ways Christians endured to preserve the Faith.

Family: The On-Ramp for the Gospel

The family is designed to give us a tangible, everyday example of the Family of God. Wil explores how we may view our families with eternity in mind.

Pilgrims among Progressives

Do our children see themselves as pilgrims in this world? They should. Meeke reveals the cultural attacks we and our children face today. She explores how we may equip them and stand firm throughout the process.

Departing from the Culture’s View on Family

Thinking Biblically about God’s first institution isn’t as easy as you think. We live in a culture that works overtime to distort and devalue the family. How may we return to right thinking as it pertains to the Family?

The Heart of the Homeschool

We’re all set. We’ve got the curriculum, the co-op, and the extra-curricular activities. The days shape up nicely when they do shape up nicely… but what about Christ? Have we neglected the primary reason for homeschooling? In this presentation, Meeke and Wil encourage parents to check the heart of their homeschool. The end of homeschooling isn’t homeschooling or even education (gasp). Might we be missing this fact in the growing popularity of homeschooling and the busyness of community?

Raised to Be Ready

The culture in which we live resembles a modern-day Babylon. Daniel and his Hebrew companions were thrust into a culture and way of life foreign to what they were taught in Judah, but being placed in Babylon didn’t turn them into Babylonians. Why? Because they were raised to be ready. Wil discusses how to scripturally raise our children to be ready to go in and confront the current, godless culture head-on. With the biblical examples of Daniel and his Hebrew companions, we can learn a lot about what it takes to be ready to live in a culture hostile to fidelity and submission to God.

Bridging the Racial Divide: The Realistic Solution to America’s Ethnic and Cultural Problems

Do the Word of God and the history of the Church help us navigate hostile territory? Certainly. When we dig into the Word and acknowledge the legacy of the Body of Christ, we can bridge contentious divides, win critical battles and tear down strongholds. Christians don’t have to run from our history; we must know it and share it as we demolish arguments.

Psalm 78: The Route to an Awakening

God has given us through the family a pathway for our children to receive the Gospel. The home should be the first place that our children are presented how to know Christ. In its first few verses, Psalm 78 shows how the commands of the Lord and his precepts are to be passed down generationally. We explore from this chapter and others how God intended that our children would hear the Word of God and see the Word of God lived in front of them as a testament to why they should follow the God of their parents.


God deals in generations. Throughout the Bible we see where families are listed, and how changes in one generation impacted future generations for good or bad. In this teaching we explore the importance of generations to God and how He uses new generations for His glory.

Ambassadors for Christ

For the Follower of Christ, this world is not our final destination. We can’t get caught up in its temporal trappings. God has called us to be His ambassadors on this earth, to serve effectively on behalf of His Kingdom. Lets look at our mandate from God to be Kingdom minded, representing the King of Heaven while here on earth.